New Home

The ERC is a 501c3 nonprofit equine welfare organization. We currently have 83 rescues at the ERC. We take pride in providing sanctuary for our older and injured equines. We practice humane treatment to provide quality of life. We are a “No Kill” rescue, we do not put horses down because they are old or deemed unusable. We provide a natural herd environment to keep our equines happy. We have many adoptable equines we purchase at auction. We retrain these horses for many disciplines so they can get their forever homes.

Equine Rescue Center gives equines a safe home where they can receive veterinary care, rehabilitation, socialization, proper nutrition and most of all love. We are a retirement home for our older equines. Giving them a safe, natural, herd environment where they can live out the remainder of their lives. Our younger and our older horses, who are able, will be used for equine interactions . They will provide a greater service for disabled children, schools, youth groups and many other organizations. The Equine Rescue Center strives to educate the community and public about horses, horse care, horsemanship, compassion, responsibility, second chances and the value of life.

Our rescue is in need of your support. We have been a 501c3 since 2009. We need monetary donations for feed, veterinary care and hoof trimming services. Any donation helps; supplies, construction materials and volunteering your time. We look forward to hearing from you and welcome your help. Please click the f link below to be directed to our facebook page